Protecting Your Devices from Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP)

Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) are powerful bursts of electromagnetic energy that can cause significant damage to electronic devices. Natural EMPs can be caused by solar eruptions, while man-made EMPs can be generated by nuclear explosions or EMP bombs. To protect against EMPs, the best solution is to build a Faraday cage, which is a mesh of conductive material that redirects energy from the ground and shields the devices inside. In addition, conductive paint can also be used to dissipate heat from sensitive electronic devices and prevent their thermal shutdown. At our development laboratory, we can create any product that is protected against EMP according to your wishes.

Our test center can also provide you with extensive EMP measurement analysis. The electromagnetic energy is converted to electrical energy instead of continuing through the container in the form of electromagnetic energy. Although some people may think that EMPs are a conspiracy theory, they are very real. Other real applications include an electromagnetic pulse cannon (EMP) that could stop a smart car by disabling the microprocessors and electronic components that control the engine. To protect yourself from EMPs, both natural and man-made, you should use electromagnetic shielding. This creates a powerful mesh that attenuates or weakens the intensity of the radiation and helps protect your devices from EMPs.

Vehicles before 1960 that do not have solid-state electronic components (semiconductors, computer chips, and transistors) will most likely not be damaged by an EMP. Based on an exhaustive report prepared by the Electromagnetic Pulse Protection and Resilience (EMP) Guidelines for critical infrastructure and equipment, we have prepared a detailed summary of the measures that can be taken to protect yourself from EMPs. These guidelines are intended to help federal, state, and local officials and critical infrastructure owners and operators protect essential equipment from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats. At our development laboratory, we specialize in creating products that are protected against EMPs. We use Faraday cages and conductive paint to shield your devices from these powerful bursts of energy. Our test center can also provide you with extensive EMP measurement analysis so you can be sure your devices are safe.

In addition, we have compiled a comprehensive list of guidelines to help you protect yourself from both natural and man-made EMPs. By using electromagnetic shielding and avoiding electronic components in vehicles before 1960, you can ensure your devices are safe from these powerful bursts of energy.

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